First, some context: when we say “skyrimming”, we’re referring to the act of putting a basket on someone’s head, like this video demonstrates.

In other words, it’s not what it sounds like.

[22:14] <DesertBell> Don’t know if you noticed, but I did eventually succeed in skyrimming the dog.

[22:15] <DesertBell> I feel like I should find a different name for that.

[22:15] <DesertBell> “Skyrimming the dog” sounds like something I should go to jail for.

[22:17] <Southpaw> I saw it and lol’d and showed it to my boyfriend

[22:17] <Southpaw> And he was like wtf

[22:18] <Southpaw> And when I explained, he was even more wtf because “how can anyone get bored in Skyrim already?”



[22:21] <Southpaw> That is so going to be a valid verb from now on

[22:23] <Southpaw> “I was so embarrassed I just wanted to skyrim myself”

[22:25] <DesertBell> “That jerk snuck up behind me and skyrimmed me in front of all our friends!”

[22:26] <DesertBell> “I’d do that chick, but I’d have to skyrim her first.”

[22:26] <Southpaw> oh snap

[22:26] <DesertBell> The possibilities are endless.



[14:28] <DesertBell> Which system?

[14:28] <Southpaw> Which sy-

[14:28] <Southpaw> And so the ninjaing begins.



On Chasca

[14:34] <Southpaw> Oh, hey, look. Did I get stuck? First time ever

[14:34] <Southpaw> Nope. Mako doesn’t fucking get stuck.



[14:34] <Southpaw> Stupid damn mountains

[14:35] <DesertBell> Worst. Mountains. Ever.

[14:37] <DesertBell> I’m pushing forward and the mako is sliding backwards

[14:37] <DesertBell> It’s like the devs coated these mountains in oil

[14:37] <Southpaw> After this, every mountain is going to be a cakewalk.



[14:36] <Southpaw> There was another Mako dissing confession just now and I was like “you bitches just can’t drive worth shit.”



[14:39] <DesertBell> I’m in ur base, stealin’ ur things.

[14:39] <DesertBell> poor scientists. They go to take a walk and Shepard’s like, “You don’t need these guns or that omnigel, right?

[14:39] <DesertBell> “Or any of this research.”

[14:40] <Southpaw> “Meh, they left without guns. They’re probably dead anyway.”



[14:41] <DesertBell> Going to the debris

[14:42] <DesertBell> Or, alternatively, I may have decided to fall off a mountain and land on top of a civilian settlement instead.

[14:43] <Southpaw> That’s how it goes sometimes.



[14:44] <Southpaw> Kaidan has a bad feeling about this.

[14:45] <DesertBell> he can bad feeling MY this.

[14:45] <DesertBell> It’s like I’m not even trying anymore lol

[14:46] <Southpaw> Yeah, that one was kind of a reach.



[14:50] <Southpaw> Kaidan went husk-bowling!

[14:51] <DesertBell> everyone needs hobbies.



[15:27] <DesertBell> SPACECOWS

[15:28] <DesertBell> Guys, the space cows don’t want to talk. :(

[15:31] <Southpaw> *murders a space cow*



[15:31] <DesertBell> I ran over a spacecow. I feel so ashamed.

[15:32] <Southpaw> Did you do it on purpose? I did.

[15:32] <DesertBell> …possibly

[15:32] <DesertBell> But then I regretted it

[15:32] <Southpaw> I regretted it because I didn’t get any renegade points for it

[15:33] <Southpaw> So I murdered it for nothing

[15:33] <Southpaw> And now its poor limp form just lies there.

[15:34] <DesertBell> You have to eat it now. That’s the rule.



[15:33] <Seren-y-Gogledd> They have hands AND four legs.

[15:33] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Note: that is NOT a reason to kill them.

[15:34] <Southpaw> Seems like a good reason.

[15:34] <DesertBell> They’re cow headed centaurs.

[15:34] <DesertBell> Maybe they’re regular centaurs in cow masks


[15:35]    * Seren-y-Gogledd does not kill the cows.

[15:35] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Hey, one of us has to be Paragon!



[15:36] <Southpaw> I used to be such a goody two-shoes. Dunno what the hell happened

[15:36] <DesertBell> The dice have corrupted you.

[15:37] <Southpaw> Yes, let’s blame the dice.



[15:43] <Southpaw> Say, –you’re okay now

Shepard says something to the effect of, “I need to know what’s going on here, right now!”

[15:44] <DesertBell> Did that sound ANYTHING like, “You’re okay now” to either of you?



Desertbell gets excited at the prospect of bloodshed…

[15:46] <Southpaw> Say,–somebody has to pay

[15:46] <DesertBell> YAY

And is disappointed when there is more dialog instead of the anticipated killing.

[15:47] <Southpaw> You yayed too soon

[15:47] <DesertBell> Clearly

[15:47] <DesertBell> Premature jubilation



A husk filled maze is no place for a woman with no sense of direction.

[16:10] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Ugh it’s a maze.

[16:10] <Southpaw> A maze with surprise husk attacks, yay

Ten minutes later, everyone is back on the Normandy except for one sad, lost soul that can’t find the exit…

[16:20] <DesertBell> OMG I am going to die on this ship.



Go to Day 18: Snide Allegations

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