Day 10: Our Penis, Who Art in Codpurse

[14:16] <DesertBell> Oh my god you guys don’t even know how good it is to be like, “FUCKDICKPUSSYSHITFUCK”

[14:16] <DesertBell> Because that kind of stuff just makes my extended family uncomfortable

[14:17] <DesertBell> And so while I’m like, “Dick jokes hahahaha” they’re like, “God has a plan”.

[14:17] <DesertBell> And for the record, the plan does not seem to include dick jokes.

[14:18] <Southpaw> A crappy plan

[14:19] <Southpaw> I’m sure god likes dick jokes

[14:20] <Southpaw> I mean, he made dicks and they’re funny-looking things

[14:19] <DesertBell> And yea, I say unto you: He who giveth dick jokes unto the least of my children, he also giveth dick jokes unto me.




[14:16] <DesertBell> Guys, they don’t understand why HAWP is funny. O.O

[14:17] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Wait, you showed them?

[14:17] <DesertBell> Yeah. That’s when I began to suspect there was no common ground.



[14:20] <Southpaw> HAHA OOPS, talking about dicks and standing outside in level 1 hazard

[14:20] <Southpaw> That would’ve been an embarrassing way to die

[14:21] <DesertBell> Only it didn’t happen. Clearly dick jokes are Jesus approved.

[14:21] <Southpaw> Blessed baby jesus saves again!

[14:23] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Clearly dick jokes were smiling on me

[14:23] <DesertBell> Dick jokes are our God now.

[14:23] <DesertBell> I’m glad it’s warm in hell, because I’m probably going to be spending some time there.



[14:22] <DesertBell> So… The “H” in Jesus H Christ… “Hackett”



[14:23] <Southpaw> GOOD HEAVENS (full of dicks)

[14:23] <DesertBell> How else would heaven be?

[14:24] <Southpaw> HAHAHA disturbing mental images

[14:24] <DesertBell> Wait, guys, if heaven is full of dicks, I think I just found Christ.



[14:24] == Seren-y-Gogledd changed the topic of #Chatroom to: Our Penis, who art in Codpurse

[14:24] <DesertBell> HAHAHAHA OMG FTW

[14:24] <Southpaw> *wheeze*

[14:27] <DesertBell> Hallowed be thy vein…




[14:31] <DesertBell> Next time try shooting things instead of fucking Kaidan

[14:31] <Southpaw> ……..

[14:31] <DesertBell> It’s counter-intuitive, I know,

[14:31] <Southpaw> IF ONLY

[14:31] <DesertBell> but sometimes it’s necessary

[14:31] <Southpaw> Would be a good way to go

[14:31] <DesertBell> The best

[14:32] <DesertBell> Would that be considered a drowning death?

[14:32] <DesertBell> Or smothering?

[14:32] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Out with a bang.

[14:32] <DesertBell> Blunt force trauma

[14:33] <DesertBell> “It looks like she was beat to death with some sort of… hose.”

[14:33] <DesertBell> “Strangely, some of these wounds are almost healed already.”

[14:34] <Southpaw> HAHAHAHA stop making me laugh, I can’t focus.



[14:34] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Just going to see the guy down below about getting rid of my junk

[14:35] <DesertBell> I have no junk. I have to keep turning it into omnigel because I suck at decryption

[14:37] <DesertBell> I’m always like, “IT SAYS B! *presses x*

[14:37] <Seren-y-Gogledd> I have 200,130 credits and 80 omnigel

[14:37] <DesertBell> Nearly 80,000

[14:37] <DesertBell> and 7 omni gels

[14:38] <DesertBell> I fail at pretend economies.


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