Day 3: Being a Ninja has its Downside

[13:49] <DesertBell> Who’s first?

[13:49] <Southpaw> Haha, I am

[13:49] <Southpaw> Alwayssss

[13:49] <Southpaw> (silly dice)

[13:50] <Seren-y-Gogledd> I ship you/dice.



Still talking to the humans hiding out in the plague zone; :

[13:52] <DesertBell> COLORS

[13:52] <Southpaw> YUS

[13:52] <Southpaw> –you don’t trust Mordin?

[13:53] <DesertBell> Hah. The dice are like, “Fuck your colors.”

[13:53] <Southpaw> My dice are pure neutral

[13:53] <Southpaw> HAH as if

[13:54] <Southpaw> You can fix the erroneous ways of my dice if you want, I guess

[13:55] <DesertBell> No. the dice are all powerful.



DesertBell Ninjas the end of the conversation:

[13:55] <Seren-y-Gogledd> –You should (still) go to the clinic (even though you’re a racist douche)

[13:55] <DesertBell> Woops, I goodbyed

[13:55] <Southpaw> …

[13:55] <Southpaw> :D

[13:55] <Southpaw> we’re off to a fine start

[13:56] <DesertBell> lol Out of practice

[13:56] <DesertBell> We are failing hard

[13:56] == Seren-y-Gogledd changed the topic of #chatroom to: Being a ninja has its downsides.

[13:56] <Southpaw> *slow clap*



[13:58] <Seren-y-Gogledd> First time I played: “Phew, not an escort mission”



[14:04] <Southpaw> Oh fuck, ded

[14:04] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Oops, dead

[14:05] <Southpaw> Deadjad!

[14:05] <DesertBell> Not dead.

[14:05] <DesertBell> Not even close to maybe being a little dead.

[14:06] <DesertBell> *waits patiently*



Talking to the Looters

[14:15] <Seren-y-Gogledd> –I don’t like looters (unless they’re me)

[14:15] <DesertBell> Stealing from the dead. That’s pretty low. (Unless you’re me.)

[14:15] <Southpaw> Less stuff for us to loot

[14:15] <DesertBell> Also, dead scientists are fair game

[14:15] <Southpaw> totally.



[14:16] <DesertBell> The dice don’t like looters

[14:16] <Southpaw> greedy

[14:17] <Seren-y-Gogledd> –I’m looking for someone

[14:17] <DesertBell> He has to like sunsets, long walks on the beach…

[14:17] <DesertBell> “I’m looking for someone. Have you heard of Kaidan Alenko?”



[14:20] <Southpaw> Clinic!

[14:20] <DesertBell> Clinic

[14:20] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Back at the clinic!

[14:20] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Heh, that was like an advertising jingle for Mordin’s clinic

[14:21] <DesertBell> It would be the commercial during the television premiere of “They Came From Over There”.

[14:22] <Seren-y-Gogledd> “Look on the extranet, Keyword Docnevershutsup”



[14:31] <Southpaw> Shot a krogan with a missile

[14:31] <Southpaw> Because I don’t wanna die

[14:31] <DesertBell> Just shot Jacob in the back of the head. I wish I could say I was sorry.

[14:32] <Seren-y-Gogledd> Not even about wasting the ammo?



[14:33] <Southpaw> Apparently you can get a krogan to stay still if you shoot it in the face enough times.



Seren-y-Gogledd surprises everyone by choosing a brutal Renegade option and shooting some Batarians.

[14:39] <Seren-y-Gogledd> –No, I can’t trust you

[14:39] <DesertBell> Daaamn

[14:39] <Southpaw> :o

[14:39] <Southpaw> OMG

[14:39] <DesertBell> I thought you were are resident paragon!



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